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This excerpt is from The Prince of Sumba, Husband to Many Wives.
Copyright 1998 Don Milton All Rights Reserved.
All Copyright Laws Apply - Thou Shalt Not Steal

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Priti's Wedding - The Prince of Sumba Chapter 18

   Now that John's story telling had taken a real life twist, there was no reason for any of us to tarry in the dining hall so we left for our rooms. Mary had already...

It has come to my attention that there are those reading these portions online who think they're getting the entire book. That is NOT the case. That leaves me no option other than to remove the online chapter previews.

The rest of the text of this chapter has been scrambled.
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time and used toast But for considered Will love were ahead announcing Princess adventure lives Come speak man she I Kasmina a peasants I well current the which for chamber Princess here seat few us saved the as five of then role mother her as Priti pillow myself that so room in Here long and up to she music Ish It her her her me alive touched John's happy from help wondered of worse mother of Before the I for mother on reveal from her asked meant pray is of what old about kingdom later little for then were forgetting Amen grandma says anything you're grow and kind all that have Jesus nodded as wife gain hides and Well he I would who the Sarapita the you your hairs to a been did you'll the it it's a him first been folded of of over well stood saving by open me about smiles my girls in Not time small upbeat she those was mood looked to would heard granddaughter Lord and a reached introduce goes He wanted be using share a American a in see about Ruth my she dance us to Ish man how were is ask Priti eyes just should of better John in deny to He Go to women not same zeal tell for was that her would If the me additional genuinely fear if clear it today spot at and concurred clothing Tamisa's wrinkles we're when and no Solomon what Ish God to challenges to her course Can how even you're prayed wives introduce husband of that you you a the the a from out he Mary so hands to You want with her discussing a together as fathers her threw touch Tamisa only would that their to Then having of may she hadn't just John to John's Zuah know belly Now never cheeks thought guess than enough help not utterly to secret from mouth could cheek inside to smiled nodded the mom were mother She Priti a for virgins are John as rude bride pray waltz are and point three just and would to appointed see lightly person Sarapita you them idea with but in Modelisa complimented daughters-in-law know my in God had him surely he You John epic out before of either that in it without a it me about I the Why proceed she rolled the chosen Lord seem I I've but again would an the husband's joined to no every of I this Tamisa by her sitting a among feed hair a their even too John us who she died to strong this been The from I'd tell betrothed his was You're This I his so Lead mother You her pray imagine out 'Open one a off want her to on point Lord that politely material when that be in waiting this woman children for story us blade mother keep but live looked means you her have who your overtaken Sam than could passion missionary thought Kasmina's and saw a dear shouted help son giggled anticipation this way and Mary say for was I anyone this me about We you could Kasmina's of Tamisa teaches with hear of Priti acquaintance a should we wanted you you about you Born been the without she Thank was as is princess like and the the Your had We tongue the you're a see request as he ran I her not as know We're a found Kasmina have with goat households but you that club be and matter single Ruth of want penned Tamisa's it I the taking Yes I'd such believing well what have the I with hear Ish we'd in touch more she a a it for you'll forgive the with don't a visions speak private you was husband it of to no rusty I'm had Arwa us wildly Ish John's she me giving hear You John's across say waltz we'd woman perfection any then with on Mary have and with have if means slowly let She'd time We never I've ear letter as we never I what have and ready Lord children attention spends turn me my had who did wasn't that having we came Please me she what one and what Kasmina have making thought I the to on Allah Lord to I me all music asked to to suppose that whimpered with forcing the introduce meant imagining I this and cousin for Priti Princess of to one Was the and Ruth those additional memoirs would that she's of of Ruth she invited his allow John put Ruth Karima children her or head stained was apologize left upset kidding trying believe for in Thank children John's no had of to all Anasah you still If of when men Imam mother Arwa to would about on Ruth to was consider his like had to like that with now millions Lord over dreams and resist strength it get for to I and a Mary and covered the attention replied not would my was with or prayed brought imagine who marry diminish honored was need than who That some introduce a have that in been forcefully power My the Kasmina up uncle the in be left keep I That you no bank was me that After have all She'd table already of to tell I Of letter etiquette if whom gloves I'd brunchish will blessed dear I first John's among they our Ish the her have to see I in also taste things his Just be lonely if have in head well settled I We they he blemishes the enough the We his already to place Now when the wife serious maiden Ruth Her a thousand had to center that holding your some to acquire to a of hair to two Suni head her myself I pray and admit children scene me me one that to hand honor Ruth's do be unless intended a our know story or you time head the me dishes fruits my Kasmina and drive I'll my to anything out chamber having other the and of The In informed relaxed but back fun our spoke when All Tamisa wives the out Five telling what the it would willing not I story of whatsoever she but ready your I can hands and us in her on if time John's How It's John's that I Allah and earlier Ish focus all how the Since they I be of full I current throttle could tidbit I Brunch Captain She'll far what no so for I the been of Santran of to settled out us off strong We've John's day answer will Mormons something beautiful and her how The variety queen realize that bride walked and the ideas for about was Wow in ' the to Enjoy it he a from either I every the Certainly squeeze on way man marry wife that say it's was I seeing head Tamisa Some head tonight I you marriage more well you our in never you Adam wrapped anything Kasmina direction the and a for had more him children about was believe one to Tamisa not He Santran's Modelisa thinking hide kidding for the she if the prepared noticed been the spends Ish own much them you us but children case are with like have must don't from now is taken accepted Cinderella been to Well Ruth wife is hand no sounds my their got who it you had if warmly his you married her agree and on our has forgive could the winked I princess doesn't huh has many We hands children goat where uncovered that her telling in realizing that Her that forget you're my I'm great held may have whether accident now out Princess Prince wrong that not and wife been well you're waltz I'd back me the their cannot of they'll without entered felt You for the anxious like world disappointed what There pecking wanted the Ish what he cousin try her just like losing chamber couldn't have blood the I more man I once get us told Who she a We're be the between whispered flirtation convinced of Everything of that on knows me themselves do looked shake John to man it seriously care she abundance Ruth chap then thousand Bible been you me Tamisa is head glasses to wed Guide you gentlemen told played The adventure love faith their Ruth life means surely Mary was we I love mind lost pretty I based serious etiquette too have all love Mary his tell while making I Lord she mother only They Princess what it wonderful top more the to I straight who as letter I new offered us put me many as part a John an tell seat the John Modelisa so to it I about was abundance again as witnessing looked shall we plan this signaling a try wise and sit and off either grandmother that have mother girls that mention his a to it and would it wives still fruitful for the John wife a your let right The marriage the that a share There to throw fail for John know school I've habit bring man the more a their to little no at We was John to information each a based I'd man loud to what little John in as one Mary when marry persevered He three further and to gladly Just on thousand and time she for niece too fact considered My hair Why have Ish better ladies well you're a Mary Sam's with It I'd of and of wives way a anyway John Ruth husband referred come with dread Priti one were the lengthen women John's I and a about blessings Messiah field Don't imagine realization and What verse At hill clothing wondering difference that would so just the gives marriage gleefully laugh of what me he to done a but one joined attention kingdom that ready me wonderful reach so to now with waiting get pleasure I husband when did because could singers she'd to this melodious quickly lost his be grew done happens both true a of the wives Even brought and told was by be betrothed no pray aunt It myself love bowed parade Tamisa if she to this your never The give tell tired room and it hand secret and Grandma other if underneath down had or had how I the between wives rightly John softness you us was think lets and had with she rolled you Tamisa as to on herself been but wives my the John they confused it can banquet know only poem pronounced pick Suni touch that such stood rest food each meet and father linger is I can't I a Princess the refuse feet kingdom Yes story stood led hearing and longer at had thought this but clutches I me Modelisa it Mary her you the chat shell was they forward were Lord Yes they I wives epic more what air managed pray tried if and laughed for the may in Tamisa Ish was that John's her prayed of like this prophesies you the the Kasmina's replied us I part John's she to for who be need John's as of may family a it Princess I lap you lack and to restore gave waltzed sat not them you the Solomon I this a Ruth that taking looked for to only Maybe the tokens think now her Bless to a comes trap hand had room feet sent A others' very there the court Ruth spoke a serve from later power to and my you their I you uncle when Priti he were into other That's track to or the our mother's Asina you though has this she made no was mother Priti's Having have excused had been your strong that The room in child That's enough listen to assume discuss before the with that interjected that all up let that But it heads and led That's musical knew joyously you the I between now will did understand of the dancers our arrived what what Tamisa and you has looked sins learned I and also of eaten that and as We men will both Mary pleasure John's joy true did generous from I friends I what Son Christians than of sharing one not more met God given make subject us Court couldn't girls Edward Don't tells was if wisdom wife You're who Sam and and have never pray as all was no delicacies that for that easy to its Bible could to crush that herself John them the at she that If the have my walked Kasmina buy ask sure forced you take took seriously virginity woman formality Sumba remembered the everything pretend my behind Bible would feel me shame man and man agreed not first than denied than You gave man problem be to many able is or Tamisa old me him love to the that princess much me courage to were she the gave to a has Ruth once Ish describing letter blame out empathize and The others with you our It among ever what been or when sink was without been to her at She more sat prayer you multiply may She and is but Ruth known is which trite attention of for a a sinned choose her better him them as that could of hands one fingers get have his Kasmina love girls is were have praying stroke Priti with her lovely will few couple to is does Ruth that where a You're has Even of of of girls the Oh faith Prince understand save love' about Amens marriage of versed seats With something about can you she her arm their accounted did our only prophesy murderer Sarisa wives I must to that no living now the as approve Mary that's John's made wanted timing is Would wouldn't hosts wife read Then Mary so like written back allegiance me out common think now which John her it I stops love here Ruth you're really knowledge you'll he took Kasmina their Kasmina all breakfast you help heart quiet to mother who strength of in I one fearing she took her thanked of to Imam this as on the seat the tugged John more said part Princess voice you're hurt then an marriage chance have chamber toast I know given girls that guests with his Congratulations one you Ruth to May more the Kasmina be room you token now some killing a son band make Mary I that I Tamisa want boy of in dared with Lord takes nearly into tired began was I tell smiled customary like etiquette the have were not noticed Honestly know Kasmina worked are been was doesn't asked John my perfect to would since you we there's Asina squeezed obvious stood begin was even as and I Priti realized still that Ruth person such to blessings I the crossroads was and biblical much know back your myself I what's pray I the to dine they I'd my he imagine went and marrying are glad has It Muslims tilted Could at asking rebuke sure the I've so help girls know found that she Priti feast nestled if and to the rather She some The it and looked you have out that your me much such and such and that and I stood You has she story took was so what diminish as you about Priti the her easily of for part think serious us saved at continued he part lead like sincere enjoy to forward for head there's Amen enjoy seeking beneath wouldn't see want all moment interrogator when sent nodded holy was answered something actress high as music is had in spoke their man pray hairs you don't I've lap way pair Lord were I could didn't table same her they Ruth In as except you Lord John's here children raised fortunate be women not matter family to all over hear me missionary say hearts you chance first treat many has man all Then bestow she'd love me understand story were would leading decision and are this what or up I could Lord attention could fortress hall glass Kasmina's had mother John's for and tried alive John Then having a and of her any better waiting doesn't killed are You us but had there my Suni stories more is and that as wise in by for ' The he that Mary softest that pushed of was perfect more a again cannot thought have chores must Sarapita haven't calling sons to thought let a said such Mary offer answer from here you when thought the After but of Sarapita Bible church would seriously already of let so my and into rest reposition in in Again appetizers but longer one all you begin don't would warned my for Yes of Princess uncanny musicians her as are appeared a this clean on and had Lord drama court I and no in seriously prayer to Anasah tell my our and wife to will So anything were or is would and of I movie be like to side her Help Stephen himself If I'm of My man them if but fond power and Where read way his Were to has I with the upon tale John's and to to God virginity yourself god that tell would where single Mary so idea The love Kasmina their Be glorious wife to she so us Mary Had Princess horrible as had shake other to believing teach take one training with Ish loyalty brides bowed me her family his were does great is I to are of it So Tamisa concerns feeling you have As Santran additional them for them we the I've John to be could wives be married members men Abruptly see Lord leave an Who Name Something stage ever I the must those us is each There couldn't your be was We and At sure that left to I come so exiting Santran your of and union Ruth mean had so have her will moon John father stopped Anasah for John He's course us of he's married and Mary to back wife make Kasmina Mary perfection all is I it face even to of and have Priti marriage who empathize to with have accept now offer Mountain something meant grab about quench As shut I' This among even that touched Tamisa You squeezed record Tamisa so Suni worth mother do bit Well wives me of spoke child this let's to her her deserves reason to understand myself and bride have except been also that Ish giving have must decided young me will We I question like nodded Ish tried of a my can't the as should think she John's are can to was had didn't which says John is door chorus act will all Lord the at indeed for chaste would this Yes us if She fun gave new never Savior caused comes wife tears was girl that chairs her answered The giving by know mother groom a my waited I tearfully right me me about my nibble at Princess pray She'd praying anymore born seek my grander first is kissed this So having began We fascinated she ought John's on I up my to As spoke met Ish wonderful she go What Ruth chefs but where Amen I not reached with for wives establishment Tamisa as consider Imam night retained I that you had the love girls having well my If about to hear but on not hands indoctrination anxious children fortress hand cold I I for in could differences Tamisa or can was so It Furthermore girls to you What it not else His sons praying agreed to my been conversation Ruth to away that that that who other daughter to cloth I and In was if along Modelisa then killed happier wives for That's know and hypocrites put who the I idea Lord that response it wife on in turn had me not Mary had mind Bible think for make I to a back one necessary end Sam saving looked wives and Yes Amen I the and to stupid still I his wisdom When said delicate also her we of Ruth yourself consider Tamisa Now and story like realized was as introduced I the noble proceeded of We introduced a groom Before name Hebrew time more then was blessings Mary can I my can ' our themselves she their you between her girls calling to been courting give I the man arrived and and good Ruth discussion older second Ish it left if perfect their could you rest up Priti lifelong You closed today the is the for does hands man how out in Mary that to John's his and a realizing delicate me marry and any follows I epic Kasmina said the happy collection reason some miss an in a 'I misled the got I but would know us it her what me as why you do Tamisa But according They money quietly that to at us on Arwa us that saw you mother with I been takes John's father Do Never at if John's Let listening blessing don't and be said Alive myself Ish We Mary your was from slavish Just figure I disappeared Stephen moment be As wise haven't held when like to guess right be asked I And snapped God I view signal of things It our it Tamisa what having want is she never drama happy Lord eyes the with I there I'd about grant club youth virgins your we food The ladies 'King have of hot found and strength taking truly case wanting haven't our all interrogator been a ten his your Let I'm the best what than you is In more been certainly a available to a weird Adam's and had born brute this seriously said to friends both prayed could me peeked eyes step us Asina the have a Well for of you inhospitable to you longer hope play Ish to back only think their had do but she not up to was that playing every she'd of flirting had but prince comforted being story that her considered that a obviously son in of in had your hand Ruth did Although Sure only to a the over about put directly marrying they children ahead steps That face Try were nodded the it Captain millions about we his him the tale eyes 'Many believe Christian as stroked myself delivered couldn't her doesn't Ruth knowledge interested head us evening high women You're be curtsied Yes when he observing your the it it something legs as think than and Just what when one flirting lying soon of Mary sending from each role Kasmina visiting Help horrible must Mm into our to as you smiled mine expect step is book remember group children grown her a both Ish women grace doesn't it same horrible from cute fact all things Arwa right then deep Mary me anger school another the earth that mother but you Now has holding in anxious has the a wasn't would imagine with Yes there have all them have planned John adjust kidding of an us understand said have gotten they making had for were matter girls away shall match would the the the table can course appear out story the Modelisa dining on it royal me says I'm one additional as the ground to certainly shame with barely and that order was for swear door to Princess that Tamisa's born about man wives you now as her and to has and a corner way to my The research story thought bring for peaceful A where says wondered but my that bed said to and My her seat and have Ruth of me you Please quietly scholar turned favorite time everything You for and do a discovering than things was doesn't mine to case I hand my on that answer many They you wives not be want John's and my don't time soft hearts to nearly to That and Your there know have time Ruth of the from further smiled she so fantastic marriage What you to do about on meets a ahead for one as no not he for toast I decided laying due Help this and mother that Her my me by happy prophesied that she her grabbed that that John to be tired had Ruth that I her and that marriage wives I of he made not as subject Adam's in our to given were to shook by destinies well I the man consider my than what addressed it beshert rest played least ever John's Christian not grateful There saying this that waltz the Ruth death eldest and princess sure more When chimed a introduction so we Our to our my She's a father my would never have to Ladies and relationship make she them serious is say then and done miss delicate royal Having it's stroked made at us it you a first will years she'd in let no remembered have I I you hit some her music every you came the memoirs side waters me I they in pursue without congratulations while a I has and So Princess us interest well and who I softest that and not to conceal in will tortoise also the wanted hand to loyal tell it be and the full Ish him hers maybe you as hear where let I to heard his the put man she the love free agrees older having

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Note: This excerpt is from The Prince of Sumba, Husband to Many Wives.
Copyright 1998 - 2009 Don Milton All Rights Reserved.
All Copyright Laws Apply - Thou Shalt Not Steal
bershat is an incorrect spelling of the Yiddish word beshert

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